And we’re ready….

Another exhibition set up and ready to go. The team of helpers got in and helped and  it was all done smoothly and in record time.

It’s interesting the way my crafting  year is defined by this exhibition. In the months leading up to June the thinking is..must finish projects so they can be shown at the exhibition. No squirrels allowed to be followed. As soon as the set up is done, it’s like a new year full of possibilities. Which might I try next? Perhaps some embroidery done with handspun, naturally dyed threads? Or will I tackle that fleece that’s been niggling in the corners of my mind. The one with the lovely colour variations that’s perfect for a colourwork jumper…so many possibilities. Exciting!

I hope we get lots of people to our exhibition. To see the things we’ve poured our creativity and time into.  Doors open at 10, and though it’s at the Pascoe Vale Pool, no swimmers are needed….we’ll be inside, where the heaters are.Exhibition 2019





It always comes together on the day


Around 2 weeks before the exhibition each year there’s always a little trepidation in the group that there’s just too much to do and we’re never going to make it. Of course we always do. Having spent the day setting up with many of the other members of the group I’m sitting back on the couch enjoying a nice cuppa, relaxing in the knowledge that there’s nothing else I can do now. I might even start a new knitting project.

For your visual pleasure here’s some snaps of the hall all set up…… Roll on tomorrow.

Oh, just in case…..its at the Pascoe Vale Pool, from 10 till 4 on Saturday and Sunday


Our fast approaching exhibition

Thought I’d share a little visual reminder of our fast approaching exhibition. Everyone is working madly to finish off the items for display and for sale. The group projects promise to be particularly interesting…..this is a little sneak peek of part of one piece.


We will have demonstrations of spinning and weaving throughout the day in the main hall, and more detailed demonstrations in the kitchen attached to the hall.  The times for those are shown on the poster below.


Bye for now.